City Hall says Sunny Garden kerbs to be repaired
Published on: Saturday, December 07, 2019
By: Oliver Voon
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A view of the roadside drain at Mile 2, Sunny Garden in Likas, where the concrete kerb must be placed to prevent unsuspecting motorists overshoot the parking sapec. (Inset) A car front tyre ended up inside the drain recently.
CITY HALL will set up several new road kerbs at the car parks in Sunny Garden at Mile 2, Tuaran road, soon. 

A concerned member of the public voiced his opinion about the importance of replacing there damaged kerbs to prevent unsuspecting motorists from ending up inside the roadside drain. 

A City Hall spokeswoman, when contacted on Dec 6, said its office was well aware of the situation. 

“We will see whether we can achieve this before this year is out because our funds are limited at this time of the year.

“The task will surely be carried out in January if we can’t handle it this year,” she added. 

According to one JOHNNY of Manggatal, several motorists had narrowly escaped falling into the drain while reversing their car.

“Some drivers are finding it difficult to tell when to stop their car because the kerbs are no longer there,” he added.  

He expressed his concern for the women drivers especially the elderlies who used the road daily.

“They can easily drive their car into the open drain if they are not careful,” he said. 

Aside from that, he urged the City Hall to clear the drain passageway as thick vegetation has blocked the water flow inside the structure. 

“It really looked as if it has never been serviced before,” he added.  (OV)


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