Ranau natives urged to document customs
Published on: Tuesday, December 10, 2019
By: Clarence GD
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RANAU: Paginatan Assemblyman Datuk Abidin Madingkir urged all native leaders to put in writing all local customs in order to preserve the uniqueness of one’s culture despite the changing times.

He said the documentation of all the customs in a form of a book will also ensure the next generation would have a source of reference regarding their customs and this would prevent it from being forgotten in the future.

“In this era of modernisation, certain quarters believes that the customs of natives which is being carried down for generations are no longer relevant. The shifting of eras has more or less fades the significant of our customs.

“Because of education and religion, there are now new ways of living a life that is different from the ones our forefathers used to be. There are things now that are not available in the old days.

“Despite the changing of times, it is found that there are still certain native customs that need to be protected and even strengthen. This is important because this makes us unique from other ethnics, and this is what makes us special,” said Abidin.  

He said, it is crucial for the native customs everywhere to be written down as those customs which used to be pass down by our ancestors as oral tradition has the tendency to be slowly forgotten as it reaches the last recipients.    

Abidin was speaking when officiating the Pemimpin Bersama Pemegang Adat N31 Paginatan ceremony that was held at the Ranau Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK) Hall, near here recently.

He said, the documentation of customs according to districts and areas in Sabah are also important because customs are different from one district to another and different rules apply to different groups.

Meanwhile he warned local leaders here not to be caught up in any dealings in the selling of lands which may end up in disputes by the parties involves and being highly sensationalised through the social media.

He also reminded all elected local leaders to set their priorities straight by focusing on their duties for the people and attend all official meetings and gathering hold, as their absence would indicate that they are not serious enough to hold such position.

Apart from that, Abidin also lauded the call of many higher leaders today to lift the status of the Native Courts at par with the Syariah and even Civil Courts. He also stressed the need for Ranau to have more than one District Chief.   


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