Solving Membakut flooding
Published on: Sunday, December 15, 2019
By: Ahmad Apong
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MEMBAKUT: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said a flood mitigation development plan under a RM20 million Federal allocati0n needs to be carried out on the Membakut River to address 2,788 acres prone to flash floods in the area. 

The objective of the study is to carry out a Bambangan Master Plan which includes four rivers – Sungai Membakut, Sungai Damit, Sungai Terusan and Sungai Binsulok. 

“The purpose is to identify flood issues in the area and find short-term, medium-term and long-term solutions for the Membakut sub-district,” he said when inspecting Kg Brunei after his visit to the Selagon Disaster Relief Centre, Saturday. 

The flood mitigation project is also for the protection of residents along several stretches in Kg Brunei, Kg Sinoko and Kg Bambangan affected by flash floods which causes the roads to be cut off. 

He said the study also includes the use of water for agriculture and domestic purposes in addition to the holistic flood mitigation. 

“The mitigation project is crucial given the high frequency of floods in the Membakut River which has affected the local community, agriculture and clean water supply,” he said. 

During his visit to Beaufort, Shafie also reminded the people especially those staying in flood prone areas to priorities their lives and safety. 

“I am deeply sorry for flood victims sheltered at the Disaster Relief Centre, among them are the sickly and pregnant women. 

“I also advise them to take care of their health and safety,” he said while assuring that the State Government will assist as much as possible to ensure flood victims can live a better life. 

The heaty condition at the Centre due to its limited space was noted with Shafie hoping that the victims will be more patient. 

He called on on-duty hospital staff at the premises to carry out immediate screening on children with fever as it could be a problem for victims sheltered there. 

“This also includes a woman who is nine months pregnant who should be in hospital as there is concern that she might go into labour at any time,” he said. 

He also expressed sympathy, especially for the children and elderly who have to endure discomfort due to the limited space at the Centre, and again reassured that the government will improve the situation. 

He stressed to the State Secretary not to approve any tree cutting activities which is the source of flood issues in the area. 

“This is the State Government’s policy not to approve or allow timber in the State to be chopped down as these forests serves as flood catchments,” he said. 

He said this is the second flood to have taken place here due to changes in the weather and thus the people have to change their ways in dealing with the floods. 

“I have also directed the State Secretary to look for ways to prevent the frequent flood occurrence. 

“I have also advised for open tents to be replaced with tents with proper closures to provide flood victims some privacy,” he said. 

He reminded flood victims not to worry about the situation as the government will take care of it. 

“Meals are provided here, it may not be the same as meals cooked in your own homes, thus I have directed the Klias Community Development Leader (PPM), Datuk Johair Matlani, Lumadan PPM and Datuk Karim Bujang to assist in providing to the needs of the flood victims, including meal preparations,” he said. 

“I have also asked security personnel to make sure the victims return to their homes in a comfortable and safe manner once the flood has subsided,” he added. 

Close to 400 residents from several villages have sought refuge at the Disaster Relief Centre since four days ago. 



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