New look for Sazarice’s top range product
Published on: Friday, December 20, 2019
By: Hayati Dzulkifli
Sponsored by: Sazarice Group
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KOTA KINABALU: A leading Sabah rice distributor, Sazarice Group, which is 95 per cent-owned by Bernas, has launched its new packaging of its top range of fragrant rice, Golden Peonies, here, Thursday.

Its Executive Director Akip bin Ismaila said the company also kickstarts its gift with purchase (GWP) campaign for this week to reward customers of their two premium fragrant rice offerings, in conjunction with the release of the Golden Peonies that bears a refreshed packaging design.

He said any purchase of 10kg Golden Peonies entitles customers to get a 10kg rice dispenser each while those purchasing a 10kg Double Dragon lets customers bring home an airtight food container. These promotions will be available soon during the holiday season – and while stocks last.

“As we are approaching Christmas and Chinese New Year, we are continuing our campaigns to extend our gratitude to the people of Sabah who enjoy the taste of Sazarice.

“We begin by introducing to you the new packaging for our top of the range, Golden Peonies Fragrant Rice.

“A peony in full bloom symbolises prosperity, fortune, happiness and so through the new Golden Peonies, we too would like to usher in the New Year and wish everyone a 2020 year filled with an abundance of happiness and prosperity,” he said.

Akip said this at the media launch event of the new packaging Golden Peonies and introducing its Mascot, Chef Momom.

For four weekends, he said consumers could try for themselves the Golden Peonies rice in 20 grocery stores across Kota Kinabalu, Tawau, Sandakan, Labuan, Keningau, and Tenom as there will be promoter sampling activities held in multiple supermarkets.

Interested parties, he said, can visit Sazarice’s Facebook page at “Sazarice Sdn Bhd” for the full list of outlets and dates.

Akip said quality has always been its top priority and they impose stringent control on five processing steps which was shown and explained by its team in the event to educate the media and guests.

“As we wrap up the year 2019, we look back and feel encouraged by our engagement with folks of Sabah from all walks of life. We will continue to bring not only the best rice, but also more fun to the people of Sabah in our year filled with campaigns and activities.

“We will definitely continue to not bring only the best rice but also more fun to the people of Sabah, together with our new family member, Chef Momom.

“As we approach the holiday season, we are continuing our promo campaigns to extend our gratitude to the people of Sabah who enjoy the taste of Sazarice,” he said, adding that the company has officially started operations of its new state-of-the-art processing plant, equipped with latest technology in rice processing.

Moving forward, Akip said the company aims to continue providing quality rice and come up with more exciting activities to reward its customers in the coming year.


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