Taman Telipok Ria residents concerned about drugs, glue sniffing
Published on: Saturday, December 21, 2019
By: R Gonzales
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Some of the suspected drug users rounded up.
Tuaran: Drug activities especially in the Taman Telipok Ria area here has raised anxiety among residents. 

Some claimed the use of WhatsApp has made it easier for drug dealings to be carried out between pushers and buyers. 

The presence of a group of children seen engaged in glue-sniffing in the area has triggered their concern even more. 

One 60-year-old resident, Ros, claimed that substance abusers are frequently seen in the residential area. 

Ros said drug activities continue to take place despite frequent raids carried out by police. Ros said the absence of security guards guarding the entrance to the area makes it difficult to curb.

“The staircase will normally be their (substance abuser) ‘port’ during the night. Their presence has prevented residents from taking the staircase,” said Ros. 

Ros said drug dealings can be seen between clients and drug pushers. The drug pushers will stop by the roadside and hand over several packets to those waiting at the side. 

Another resident, Ani, 60, said a group of children are frequently seen sniffing flue near a block in Phase 1. 

“They seem oblivious to the presence of Voluntary Patrol Scheme comprising villagers. Often times, the children will even talk back or ignore us when we threaten to alert their parents of their antics. 

“We believe these are local children who mix around with children from other neighbourhoods, we worry that if left uncontrolled, and they will start to turn to substance which are stronger and more dangerous,” said Ani.

Ani recalled one time how she and her team of Voluntary Patrol Scheme where threatened by the young group after the team confronted them. 

 “They shouted at us ‘mahu matikah?’ (want to die?), they simply ignored us when we said we will inform their parents. In fact they scolded us for confronting them. All we can do is to lodge a police report,” she said. 

Another resident, Harun, 42, said the absence of security guards at the entrance since 2010 has led to frequent the drug activities in the area. 

“So far, I am satisfied with the frequent raids by the authorities in arresting those involved in drug activities. 

“But the absence of security guards at the entrance point makes it difficult to control the entry and exit of non-resident vehicles without inspection. 

“I hope relevant parties can provide a higher level of security for the residential area,” he said. 

Earlier, National Anti-Drugs Agency (AADK) Tuaran Officer, Asraf Hafiz Ruslan said overall, telecommunication facilities are now contributing to the number of substance abuse making it difficult to contain. 

“The use of smartphones has enable them to meet with clients or drug pushers at the promised location and time. 

“However, the fraudulent method does not prevent us from carrying out intelligence before conducting on-site raid or raids on their ‘ports,” he said. 

Asraf said the number of individuals detained for substance abuse showed an increase this year to 117 people compared to 42 people last year. 

“This year, a total of 17 operations have been carried out and a total of 116 men and one woman have been detained during Ops Perdana. 

“Last year, a total of 23 operations were carried out involving 41 men and one woman,” he said. 

He said two per cent of those arrested during the two years involved former students. 

“Parents need to monitor their children’s handphones, get to know who their children are talking to,  and make efforts to find out what their activities are to prevent chances of them engaging in substance abuse. 

 “The public should also be the eyes and ears by channelling information to the authorities. AADK in collaboration with the police will continue to carry out surveillance to curb drug activities in the district,” he said.


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