Hellish road to Labuan crematorium
Published on: Sunday, January 12, 2020
By: Sohan Das
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LABUAN: Recent torrential rains have once again turned the 500-metre Jalan Sungai Kinabenewa leading to the crematorium here to be in a sorry state.

Pools of water and deep tracks on the road caused by tyres of heavy vehicles are posing a challenge to access the crematorium to bid the last farewell to the departed.

Caretaker of the facility, Datuk Ramasamy Rengasamy, said the problem also happened before and the Labuan Corporation (LC) assisted in restoring the condition. 

“But we cannot expect LC to keep assisting as a permanent solution needs to be found.” 

He noted that the damage on the road was by heavy vehicles belonging to the oil and gas industry service providers using the road though it was not meant for such traffic. 

“One solution is to advise the companies along the road to be responsible and maintain the road as an act of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),” he said. 

The crematorium, built about 20 years ago at a cost of RM1 million by the local authority, is an important facility and never underused. 

“Usually about 15 or more cremations are held annually and the recent trend is Buddhists are using the services and collecting the remains for preserving in a columbarium,” he said. 

Ramasamy also said among those who were cremated were citizens from Brazil and Germany.


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