Darkness in part of Tg Aru town baffles
Published on: Monday, January 13, 2020
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SHOPOWNERS in Tanjung Aru town, especially those at Jalan Kinabalu, are at a loss as to why all the streetlights in that part of the town stopped functioning a few days after Christmas last year. 

“Strange enough, the affected lights are still inoperative after the second week of this month,” stressed MIKE, who represents the shop owners at Block M. 

He said some of them had reported the matter to City Hall before the New Year but to no avail.

“All of us, including our customers, are wondering as to what has happened to the facilities at this building block because they have not been functioning for many nights,” he told Hotline recently. 

Ironically, he said some of the canopy lights and streetlights at other parts of the town were unaffected. 

“That side of the town is well lit at night,” he added. 

He said they need better illumination at their side of the building for security purposes as there are people walking to their parked cars even during late hours. 

“This will also prevent pranksters from vandalising our property, apart from avoiding thieves from making their way into the unlit car parks to steal spare tyres of parked four-wheel-drives,” he added. 

He hoped the caretaker of these streetlights will carry out the necessary repair as soon as possible. 

“We don’t what this to prevail until the Chinese New Year celebration as this town will be packed by tourists from abroad, especially from Brunei,” he said. 

A City Hall spokeswoman, when contacted recently, assured that its contractor would be asked to check the condition of the facilities concerned. 

“Allow us to check on it first before commenting further,” she added. 

Hotline would follow up on the case again later.   (OV)  


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