Uneven section leading to Ujana Rimba Park levelled
Published on: Monday, January 13, 2020
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CITY Hall has attended to the damaged section of the road near the main entrance to the Ujana Rimba Tropika Park, off Jalan Penampang. 

A spokesman for the agency said repairs had been made to the stretch, shortly after an inspection carried out by its staff.

“Our officers confirmed that one section of the road was lower than the other, after a culvert was installed beneath the stretch,” he said.

“We arranged to have the stretch levelled to address this irregularity a few days later.”

He said maintenance was carried out on the stretch as and when it became necessary to do so.

“To this end, we hope drivers who frequent the Park will inform us directly of any problems involving the road, so that such matters can be dealt with as soon as possible.”

City Hall’s action was prompted by a complaint from a Penampang driver about the inconvenience motorists experienced in using the road leading to the Park.

DANIEL said drivers experienced a jolt just before entering or leaving the gate to the grounds due to the discrepancy in the height of the stretch.

He estimated that one section of the road was “a few inches” higher than the other. 

“The smaller the vehicle the bigger the jolt the motorist will feel,” he said.

Daniel, who goes for a walk daily at the Park, bemoaned the damage caused to the undercarriage of his vehicle 

“I have to go on and off to the workshop and have spent a substantial sum in repairs to my car.”

He said he had noticed this problem for more than a month.

“Prior to this, asphalt had been dug up so that a culvert could be installed below the road.

“I suspect the contractor did not re-instate the stretch properly afterwards. 

“The earth beneath the road may not have been compact enough before the stretch was resealed.”

Daniel said there was also the possibility that the run-off might be causing the soil supporting the road to destabilise.

“The local authorities should consider having a retention wall built at the side of the stretch to prevent water from seeping into the earth.” (SS)



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