‘Strange PSS  holders can’t go to p’sula’
Published on: Tuesday, January 14, 2020
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KOTA KINABALU: Giving the Sabah Temporary Pass (PSS) to immigrants who hold the Census Card and Sijil Burung Burung, both of which are not legally recognised, will mean legalising them to stay in Sabah for at least three years and which is renewable. 

Umno Supreme Council Member Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan said as both these documents are not legal, those foreigners holding them are illegals. 

“Illegal immigrants are normally living in hidden places like edge of the forests, by mangrove swamps, in the squatter colonies and protected areas because of their unrecognised status. 

“When they have been legally recognised through the issuance of PSS, then they will live wherever they like in the open. 

“They will no longer fear living in the areas of the local community or fear being sent home to their respective countries.

“Our experience in Sabah has shown how when the illegal immigrants feel comfortable living in Sabah, their number will grow because others will come to Sabah with the hope to get PSS,” he said in an open letter to the Chief Minister and Deputy Home Minister. 

Abdul Rahman said based on the experiences in Sabah, whatever document to be issued by the Immigration Department can and will be falsified and there is no guarantee that the PSS document will not be falsified, as the biometric and finger print features will not be capable of curbing PSS falsification.

“PSS is not only about citizenship although the people of Sabah truly deserved to feel anxious about it.

“PSS is also a worsening social, political and economic problem that have reached to a very alarming level. The fear and worries of the people of Sabah on PSS cannot be taken lightly. It may become a huge wave of open uprising that will be hard for the Government to contain if not handled well,” he said. 

 He said even with illegal immigrants present status now the people of Sabah are forced to fight for a hospital bed, to share schools with them, to share subsidised goods with them like rice, water and electricity, to fight for seats in public transport and even fight for a lot for building a house. 

“Not to mention about crime and their marriage to local people. All these will become worse and critical when PSS is  given to them.

 “The young people of Sabah will also be forced to compete with PSS holders in getting jobs and business opportunities,” he said, adding the issuance would also not guarantee that the illegal immigrants will be loyal to Malaysia and respect the conditions set for them to continue living in Sabah. 

 But they definitely would be loyal and indebted to those who gave them the PSS. 

“Why is the movement of PSS holders limited to within Sabah only. Why is this problem not shared with Peninsula Malaysia? 

“Why are they not allowed to go to Peninsular to live there? Is this only Sabah’s problem or is it the country’s problem? Why is only Sabah being punished with having to bear the burden of  illegal immigrants? 

“If the Sabah oil and gas are shared with the whole country, why is illegal immigrants problem not shared with the whole of Malaysia?” he charged. 


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