Damaged Putatan housing road being repaired
Published on: Tuesday, January 14, 2020
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THE Government concessionaire, Pembinaan Kekal Mewah, is in the process of attending to the damaged section of a Putatan housing road.

A City Hall spokesman said the firm was informed about this problem with the stretch.

“The management was asked to make the necessary repairs to the road as soon as possible,” he said on January 9.

“We will monitor the progress of the work to ensure that the stretch is properly maintained.” 

He was responding to a ratepayer’s concern about the traffic hazards posed by a caved in section of the road in front of his house in Taman Jumbo Phase 2.

LUNG said the asphalt had given way, causing a depression to form on Lorong Jumbo 6.

He said there was a drain running below the damaged portion of the road.

“If you are driving in the area at night and are unaware of this problem, the tires of your vehicle could easily stuck in the hole which has formed,” he said.

“A Good Samaritan has placed a bench-like structure in front of the damaged section to forewarn first time visitors to drive around the hole.” 

He said he first noticed this irregularity around the second week of December.

“I reported this matter to the community leader for the area shortly thereafter.

“He took some pictures of the damage and assured me that these photos would be forwarded to the relevant agency, but it has been weeks since he came to the neighbourhood and the road still has not been repaired.”

Lung hoped the local authorities were not waiting for a bad accident to happen and someone to come to harm, or worse, to attend to the stretch.

“Cracks have formed in the asphalt and if any more pressure is exerted in this section, more of the road could easily fall in.

“Those of us living in the vicinity of the damage could be left without the ability to drive in and out of homes if the stretch collapses.”  (SS)


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