Filipino embassy told: Have more visits
Published on: Tuesday, January 14, 2020
By: Nikko Fabian
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KOTA KINABALU: As the new decade begins, Filipinos once again are appealing to the Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to seriously consider accepting and processing more applications during consular mission services organised in Sabah this year, instead of only 150 applications daily as previously practised.

They also want the Embassy to commence the consular exercises on Thursday instead first day of the week as practised in most cases .

 “Starting the mission towards the end of the week will allow more applicants to participate in the exercise especially on days like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,” the affected individuals/group comprising of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and countrymen claim.

It would also be logic and beneficial, they said if the Embassy could make public announcement of scheduled exercise two weeks (15 days) in advance for applicants to be able prepare their respective required documents and apply leave of absent from employers.

The number of documented Filipinos participating in consular exercises last year has dramatically increased based on the huge crowds.

However, many applicants still complained on the poor services extended to them by the Embassy.

They said the complaints repeatedly brought forward to the Embassy in social media and published in local newspapers for several years, fell on deaf ears.

Towards this end, many applicants who do not wish to violate Immigration laws in Sabah are wondering when the Embassy will release the schedules of consular missions for this year.

Many Filipinos in the State Capital failed to avail the much needed consular assistance last October and December due to some unforeseen circumstances en lingered by the Embassy.

As a result, the applicants facing datelines were forced to apply and process their documents in Kuala Lumpur which involved high cost and time consuming apart from inconveniences.


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