PWD  trims  overgrown  trees at Jalan  Kebajikan
Published on: Wednesday, January 15, 2020
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THE Public Work’s Department’s concessionaire has attended to the trees growing along one section of Jalan Kebajikan.

This follows a Luyang home-owner’s observations that some the trees on the road shoulder were overgrown.

On top of being unsightly, she also observed that the branches had encroached into the path of some cables nearby.

The individual did not know if these were power or telecommunication lines.

However, she feared that either of these services might be disrupted if more than one of the branches fell on the cables. The resident provided Hotline with the location of the trees. This information was forwarded to the firm.

A spokeswoman for the company said a check of its records showed that the road, including the reserve land on either side, was under the Department’s jurisdiction.

“Once we confirmed that the trees were not planted by any government agency, we had them removed from the verge,” she said. 

“This work was carried out over a few days in the first week of January.” 

ANJIE of Luyang said dead branches were strewn on the ground near the coconut trees growing on the road shoulder.

“No one has tended to this greenery in years,” she said. 

“Instead of beautifying the surrounding area, they make it look like it has fallen into neglect.”

She described the trees as being “an eye-sore”.

“One of my neighbours contacted City Hall several months ago about this greenery.

“Nothing came of his effort, however, as the trees were not trimmed and more branches have since nearby.” (SS)


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