Water Dept monitoring supply to Kg Likas
Published on: Saturday, January 18, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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The Water Department is monitoring the supply to one part of Kg Likas to ensure that consumers there receive tap water.

A Department spokesman said there was a “technical issue” which the agency was in the process of dealing with.

When asked to elaborate on the nature of the “issue”, he declined to comment.

“Action is already being taken to deal with this problem and our staff will periodically check that a supply reaches the affected consumers,” he said.

“At the same time, we hope that the residents will inform us when their taps run dry so that action can be taken deal with these water woes as soon as possible.”

HARRIET, who lives off Lorong Tabib, bemoaned the inconvenience caused by the lack of water in her home.

“The water in our storage tank is almost depleted,” she said, adding that the taps in his home had run dry for the past three days.

“We have taken to drinking bottled water and not taking our meals at home because of this.”

She said, prior to this, the supply had been erratic.

“The strength of the tap water is comparable to that of a young child urinating.

She said, due to the lack of strength in the water which was available, the supply could barely reach the tank for her home, which was located about three feet from the ground.

Harriet said she had tried contacting the Department several times about this problem. 

“I shared my frustrations with a neighbour who informed me that some pipe modification work taking in place in the Sepanggar Bay area was to blame for the water disruption.

“He apparently received a notification to this affect on his handphone from the Water Department.” (SS)



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