Vacant plot at Towering treated as dumping ground
Published on: Saturday, January 18, 2020
By: Oliver Voon
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There is a growing fear among the communities in Towering, Penampang, that the amount of rubbish in this part of the vacant grassy plot will increase without the authority’s intervention.
The Penampang District Council is urged to come down hard on those who treat a vacant grassy plot behind the Petronas station at Towering commercial centre as a dumping ground. 

A concerned member of the public, who requested anonymity, told Hotline recently that the amount of rubbish in that spot had increased ten–fold since he first noticed it in September last year. 

“Rubbish ranging from solid waste to plastic junk were thrown there by some irresponsible individuals,” he added. 

He said the Council must act immediately to clear the mess and then step up a warning signboard at the site. 

“Surveillance must also be carried out and to penalise those who still persist dirtying the place under the Anti-Litter By-Laws, “he added. 

He, however, said the Council must ensure that their collection schedule in that commercial centre must be done on a daily basis. 

“This is to prevent rubbish from each of the shops there from piling up at the bin centre,” he said, adding that one of the reasons as to why people throw away their rubbish randomly in that area was due to irregular collection by the authority concerned. 

He also urged the latter to check the drains as some of the rubbish had ended up inside its passageway. 

“Aedes mosquitoes are breeding inside these structure because the solid waste are blocking water to flow out into the main drain,” he added. 

A Council spokesman, when contacted recently, said its staff at the relevant section would be asked to verify the complaint soon as possible. 

“Allow us to see the situation for ourselves first before deciding how best to tackle the problem,” he added. 

He said litterbugs who have been caught misusing the common areas there as dumping ground can be compounded up to RM500. 

“We will keep an eye at other rating areas as well,” he added.   (OV)


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