PWD attends to drains in Membakut
Published on: Monday, January 20, 2020
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The Public Works Department (PWD) has attended to the drains along a section of the main road near a Membakut village.

This follows a complaint the drainage woes which occur during a downpour in Kg Tandoi.

A Department spokeswoman said this was done shortly after the agency was made aware of the problem.

“The government concessionaire dispatched its workers and machinery to unclog the drains and trim the grass at this section of the main road,” she said.

“These maintenance efforts are carried out according to a fixed schedule.”

Nevertheless, she said, the firm had been asked to make regular checks of the common areas along the stretch to minimise the inconvenience caused when the drains overflowed.

LANG of Membakut said flash floods often occurred during a downpour, much to the frustration of those who lived in the village.

“Two hours of rain is all it takes, sometimes, for the big drains along the access road to the area to overflow,” she said

“The water displaced when vehicles plough through the flood inevitably gets pushed into the front yard of our homes.”

She was under the impression that these drains had not been maintained in some time.

“Sometimes I am forced to park my car on the verge and walk back home just to prevent the engine from becoming water logged.”

She suspected that the outflow from the drains around the village might be non-existent.

“We have stepped up efforts to clear the some of the drains but it is an uphill task to prevent the water from collecting inside these structures because of the blockage.”

She hoped that the drainage woes would be attended to for the good of the rural folk who lived there.

Lang said she had contacted the local authorities about this problem on several occasions.

“At one point, I was told that these problems could not be overcome due to a lack of funds.”

The resident provided Hotline with the location of the drains in question which were forwarded to the Department. (SS)


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