Upko wants PSS scrapped
Published on: Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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TUARAN: Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Wilfred Madius Tangau (pic) said Upko will propose, soon as possible, to the Government not to proceed with the introduction of the controversial Sabah Temporary Pass (PSS) for illegal immigrants. 

“Instead the Government must concentrate to find a solution to deport the refugees’ home to their country; and also to come up with a strict mechanism of preventing illegals from penetrating our borders,” he said. 

Tangau said Upko, of which he is President, had always been consistent in wanting to rid Sabah of illegals. 

“A serious problem that Sabah continues to face is the existence of illegals possessing identification card.

“Some of them have already been registered in the system and have even voted in several general elections as disclosed in the 2013 Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI). 

“That is why Upko has always been consistent to demand to recall Malaysian identity cards issued to Sabahans, subject them to strict scrutiny by stakeholders and reissue only to real Sabahans,” he said.

Madius said this is possible as Malaysians had undergone before the process of surrendering and changing our old identification cards to much sophisticated ones. 

“It is doable and this are the kind of solution that the people expect to be done,” he said. 

He said the government’s intention of introducing the PSS is noble, but the sentiments of the majority of the people are against it. The PSS was singled out as the biggest issue in the defeat of Warisan to BN-Umno in the Kimanis by-election last Sunday. 

He said this is understandable considering what Sabah has experienced the last five decades or so. 

“Today, we are living with the consequences of the actions and decisions made by leaders, especially unscrupulous characters of the past.

“Now we are seeing and hearing the rising sentiments in opposing the government proposal of PSS. 

“To me, and Upko, it is really a question of trusting the system and the integrity of the mechanism that is being introduced and relied on by the government,” said Tangau, when asked by the media during his Chinese New Year 2020 walkabout, Tuesday.

He said some quarters also feel that the government is not dealing with the real issue at hand. 

“You may have the best of proposal but if you don’t have the trust and support of the people, it will still end up as a failure.

“As leaders in the current government, it is also my responsibility to ensure the people not only support but trust the authority. And one of the ways that we in Upko believe that needed to be done is to show the government’s seriousness in resolving the issues of sending back the refugees to their country of origin,” he said.

Tangau, who is also Trade and Industry Minister cum Tuaran MP, said if their country of origin refuses to accept them, then other possibilities such as sending the refugees to a third country should be considered. 

“These are the kind of issues that the people want to be addressed and paid attention to. The enforcement must be stricter and the question on the legality of the two documents such as “kad burung-burung” and “sijil bancian” must be finally addressed. 

Madius said even though it has always been the position not to arrest the holders of “kad burung-burung” and census certificate, such positions must now be reconsidered.

“And equally important is for the government to really find a comprehensible solution to the illegal immigrants presence in Sabah,” he said.

“Even though we have all the laws in dealing with illegals we have yet to find a real solution of stopping and preventing them from continuously penetrating our borders. 

“These are the urgent issues that the people of Sabah really want to be addressed and resolved comprehensively by the government. We have to concur that the people do not feel the proposal of introducing PSS will tackle comprehensively the two major issues I mentioned earlier,” said Tangau.


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