Water Dept to monitor supply to Likas
Published on: Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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 The Water Department will periodically check on the supply to one part of Likas to ensure that consumers there get tap water as they should.

A spokesman for the agency said its staff were aware of the supply woes in the area.

“We adjusted a valve along the distribution mains to allow more treated water to reach these customers,” he said. 

“Our personnel later went down to clear the airlocks in the pipes leading to some homes here after learning that the occupants were still without a supply.” 

He advised consumers in the area to keep the Department apprised of any irregularities so that action could be taken to deal with these problems as soon as possible.

BILL, who lives in Kg Cendramata, bemoaned the irregular supply which he had been receiving.  

“The pressure of the tap water in my home is only strong at night. During the day, my supply is reduced to a trickle,” he said.

Ian said he had tried contacting the Department several times about this problem.

“At one stage, I was told something was wrong with the pipes inside my house and asked to engage a plumber to isolate the problem.

“I did as I was asked but the plumber could not find anything amiss with these pipes.”

He bemoaned the inconvenience caused by the lack of water, saying that it was especially difficult on his family as he had a young child.

“We do not even have enough water to use when we pray.” 

Bill said he had queried the Department‘s staff about the reason for his water woes, only to find that the agency’s staff were in the dark as to what was causing these problems.

He claimed he did not see a notification about a scheduled supply disruption online or in any of the newspapers.


The spokesman explained that some consumers might find the pressure of their supply was weak, or their taps had run dry, during the day when many consumers were drawing treated water.

“Once offices and shops close for the day, the pressure of the tap water at these same premises improves as there are less consumers using the supply.” (SS)


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