Rubbish discarded by Likas Square tenants cleared
Published on: Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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THE management for Lintas Square in Luyang, has cleared the mess on the cantilever ledge which were discarded by the tenants residing above Block D, on Jan 17. 

“We immediately asked our cleaners to remove the rubbish which comprised of plastic wrappers, papers and used drinking bottles on that concrete ledge for fear the amount will increase tenfold if we delay this further,” its spokeswoman, when contacted on Jan 18. 

She said it has identified the culprits and will make arrangement to meet the tenants of the units later.  

“We know that the units were used as a staff quarters,” she said, adding that the City Hall had also been notified to assist in the matter. 

She said the tenants in question must be told to stop taking the easiest way out to throw their rubbish which is through their windows. 

“We have several bin centres in this commercial centre and all of the bins there are cleared on a daily basis,” she added.


She said the tenants should never resort to such irresponsible act as it will damage the building paint work, apart from causing health hazard to the people at the surrounding areas. 

“Think what will happen if they throw away food leftovers or expired food out the window?,” she asked. 

ANNE, who spotted the piles of rubbish on the ledge recently, said the tenants who were responsible for dirtying the space concerned must be warned not to repeat it soon as possible. 

“I don’t see rubbish at other parts of the ledge, except this particular spot,” she added. 

She urged the management not to be too lenient to the tenants should they ignored the warnings given to them. 

“Sometimes people will only stop repeating the same mistake after being compounded,” she added.  (OV)


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