Cannot pray or use the toilet!
Published on: Thursday, January 23, 2020
By: Ahmad Apong
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BEAUFORT: The water supply problem around Lumadan and Klias will persist if the Water Department does not take drastic actions, said a local leader.

Sabah Ethnic Association (Presbah) President Yahya Ahmad said they sympathised with the plight of the people from ordinary consumers to  traders.

“We can’t use public toilets and restaurant toilets because they are closed due to the lack of water supply,” he said during a meeting with the district’s assistant water engineer, Wednesday, to discuss the worsening problem.

“Another sad thing is we can’t pray at the mosques due to the same problem.”

Muslims have to take ablutions first for their prayers to be valid.

The issue cropped up only in these areas but not at Kampung Kepawa’s plant which draws untreated water from the river that supplies water to Labuan. 

“Why hasn’t there been a water problem at the Kapawa Plant which is supplying clean water to Labuan even though the assistant engineer claimed there was contamination? asked Yahya.

“What we want is for the government to resolve this water problem by following the Labuan water supply’s footprint as they have never encountered any problems.

“Therefore, Presbah will organise a peaceful rally to urge the government to restore the water supply, which the public has supported on WhatsApp.”

The date and time of the rally will be announced later, said Yahya, adding he had gone to the Water Department to find out the reason for the water supply failure.

Abd Aziz Lajim, who was present at the meeting, said the excuse given that the Padas River contamination was the cause of the problem did not make sense because Beaufort used the same source of water as Labuan.

According to the assistant water engineer, the water problem has been around since 2019 due to the Padas river contamination.

Increasingly polluted water will automatically shut down the water pump.


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