Kepayan folks unable to use toilets
Published on: Saturday, February 01, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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A TECHNICAL problem was to blame for the difficulties which those living in the Low Cost Housing area of Kepayan experienced in using their toilets recently.

A City Hall spokesman said its staff had checked the sewer lines leading to these homes and verified that these pipes were not blocked.

“This inspection was carried out owing to complaints from our rate-payers about their toilet woes,” he said on January 30.

“Our staff noted that the pump was inoperative at the time.”

He said the agency alerted the Public Works Department (PWD) about this as the device and mechanisms inside the pump-house were under the latter’s maintenance.

“We were made to understand that there was problem with the pump. Action was promptly taken to get the device back in order.” 

JOAN, who lives off Lorong Bunga Patuma 9, said she was intermittently without use of her toilets.

“The water in the bowl does not recede when the flush is pulled,” she said.

She said the effluent overflowed from the manhole servicing the premises.

“I suspect that the structure is blocked and may not have not been cleared in some time.”

She said she had highlighted this problem to the agency on and off since last year, with her most recent reports made at the beginning of this month.

“The staff assures me each time that the relevant section will be informed about this matter but, so far, the situation has yet to improve.”

She said she paid City Hall “cukai saluran najis (sewerage rates)” of more than RM100 on a quarterly basis. 

Joan said, at one stage, she was told that her sewerage woes were under another authority when she contacted City Hall.

“If this is so, why did the latter insist on collecting the sewerage rates from me?” (SS)



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