Call to reactivate Manggatal Plaza streetlights
Published on: Saturday, February 01, 2020
By: Oliver Voon
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The streetlights at this part of Manggatal Plaza are inoperative, while the rest are functioning at night.
A CONCERNED member of the public  urged City Hall to reactivate the streetlights at the entrance to Manggatal Plaza, as they have not been functioning for more than a month. 

“I’m sure many people are worried about their safety after leaving behind their car at the unlit parking bay at night,” stressed EDWARD, who lives at the nearby housing estate.  

He said the area in question is crucial to have illumination at night due to the fact that it is situated at one of the two main entrances to the commercial centre. 

“It helps motorists and pedestrians a lot for this area to be well-lit in the evening so  everyone is able to see each other more clearly.

“We also certainly don’t want this place to become the hiding place for bad hats to rob people or to commit vandalism,” he said. 

He said the illumination from the canopy light will also serve good purpose for pedestrians to see the walkway much clearer in that hour. 

“At least we see can see what is around us while walking along the walkway so that we can avoid stepping on to something that we shouldn’t,” he added. 

A City Hall spokeswoman assured that its staff at the technical section would be asked to verify the complaint promptly. 

“Normally it will take a just a few minutes to reactivate such facility if it requires just a minor repair work,” she said, adding the rest of the canopy lights in that commercial building would be checked as well later.  (OV) 


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