City Hall to upgrade Luyang drains this year
Published on: Saturday, February 08, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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City Hall intends to upgrade the drains in a Luyang neighbourhood this next year.

A City Hall spokesman said this had been included in the proposed list of projects for this year.

He said the refurbishment of the drains would be implemented if the budget for the work was approved.

“A lot of settlement has taken place in the area since the housing drains were first built years ago,” he said.

“Because of this, the water overflows from these structures during a heavy downpour and pools on the road.” 

The spokesman said the agency had been keeping an eye on the drainage in the area on and for the past few years.

“We have noticed that a substantial amount of mud has collected at the bottom of the drain, which is likely due to sedimentation. “The relevant section will be made aware of this observation so that the drains can be cleaned.”

HAU of Luyang said flash floods often occurred during a downpour, much to the frustration of rate-payers living in Friendly Garden.

“Two hours of rain is all it takes some times, for the water in the drains to spill onto the road and into the compounds of our homes,” he said.

He said, sometimes, it took days for the pool of water on Lorong Nibung 2 to recede.

“I hope the local authorities will seriously look into this problem for the good of those of us staying here.”

Hau said he had contacted City Hall about the drainage woes on several occasions.

“At one point, I was told that these problems could not be overcome due to a lack of funds.” 

He said he even made a local politician aware of his grievance early last year

“I was made to understand that this individual contacted City Hall about the drainage woes a year ago.” (SS)



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