‘Deceleration lane’ needed in Manggatal
Published on: Saturday, February 08, 2020
By: Oliver Voon
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Traffic flow on the fast lane at this section of the Tuaran road in Manggatal is often interrupted when the queue of cars heading to the turnaround junction is long.
THE suggestion to construct a “deceleration lane” at the turnaround junction near the main entrance of Taman Syn Fah in Manggatal, has been submitted to the Public Works Department (PWD).  

A resident from a nearby Taman Richdar approached Hotline on Dec 28, last year, to voice out his dissatisfaction over the long queue of vehicles wanting to make such turning at the junction concerned during the morning’s peak hours. 

According to him the deceleration lane is crucial to be built there as it gives the drivers time and space needed to make the turning without disrupting the traffic flow on the fast lane towards Tebobon. 

“I suggest the relevant authority to consider constructing this lane there because it will prevent cars spilling out onto the straight road,” stressed RYAN, who frequents that stretch of road to send his son to school in the morning. 

He said a road junction with such feature was built in front of the main entrance to Taman Richdar about 50 metres away from the site concerned.  

“If they can build like that there, then they can surely provide the same at that particular road junction,” he added. 

A PWD spokesman said the suggestion would be taken into consideration.

“We are thankful to the complainant for informing us about the traffic situation at that road junction,” he said, adding that it would proceed with providing the deceleration lane there if it deems necessary.  (OV)


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