Confusing road-name signs at Jalan UMS
Published on: Saturday, February 15, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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A Manggatal resident has spoken out about the confusing road-name signs in his neighbourhood, off one section of Jalan UMS.

JEROME said City Hall recently put up new signs in his area.

“I laud the agency’s effort to do this as, over the years, the signs have either become damaged or gone missing altogether,” he said.

“However, the new signs have the wrong post code printed on them.”

He explained that the postcode printed on the signs was “88300”, which differed from the one in his latest City Hall house assessment statement.

“These address printed on these documents indicates that the postcode is ‘88400’.”

He wanted know which of the two postcodes was the correct one. 

“I hope City Hall will help settle problem before we begin to miss out getting important deliveries to our home, including items sent my mail or courier.”

 “How can the authorities responsible for assigning names to the roads around the State Capital have failed to notice these irregularities? “ he wanted to know.

Jerome related his grievance in a letter to Hotline which was forwarded to City Hall.

A City Hall spokesman said the relevant Department would be alerted to this matter.

“We will have to verify the residents claims, before taking steps to rectify these mistakes,” he said. (SS)


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