KK home unoccupied for years turning into ‘jungle’
Published on: Saturday, February 15, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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The overgrown trees in the vacant Kepayan home encroach into part of neighbours compound.
A Kepayan rate-payer has voiced his misgivings about the unkempt condition of the compound surrounding a home in Austral Park

SAID said the compound for the neighbouring property had not been maintained in “years” as the house had been unoccupied “for years”.

He decried the yard around the abode, located on Lorong Austral Park 9, as being an eye sore.

“It creates a bad impression of the neighbourhood, especially in the eyes of those visiting the area for the first time,” he said.

He decried the owner as being irresponsible for failing to maintain his/ her property.

“The land looks like a mini jungle as it is thick with overgrown trees, plants and weeds.

“The foliage almost reaches the roof of my house in some places. 

“The branches of some of the trees have even encroached into the path of the overhead lines along the road.” 

He voiced his misgivings about pests breeding on the property.

“Recently, I spotted two ‘biawaks (iguanas)’ crawling into my compound from the direction of the vacant house.

“My wife told me she caught sight of a snake slithering away inside the compound of this home.”


 The unkempt compound resembles a jungle.

Said suspected that mosquitoes might also be breeding in the pockets of water which pool on the land. 

“I have noticed an increase in the number of these insects buzzing about my home.” 

He said he had brought this problem to City Hall’s on and off over the past few years.

“I cannot understand why the authority has not acted on this problem. 

“I hope City Hall is not waiting for me and my family to be bitten by some dangerous reptiles before they intervene.”

A City Hall spokesman said the authority would have to verify these claims.

“We will write to the land-owner, if these allegations prove to be true,” he said.

“He/ she will be asked to clean up his/ her property.

He said the individual would be given a grace period in which to get the property in order.

“Should the owner fail to comply with our instructions, then further action will be taken against him/ her.”

The spokesman said the agency’s staff would make random checks to determine whether this was the case. (SS)


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