Duterte tells errant cops: Quit, start small business
Published on: Saturday, February 22, 2020
By: Manila Bulletin
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Photo Source: Manila Bulletin
MANILA: Instead of getting involved in the illegal drug trade, a policeman may quit his job and start a small business if he wants to earn more money.

President Rodrigo Duterte made the suggestion after warning that he would not be forgiving towards policemen involved in illegal drug activities.

“Don’t get into trouble. Be a police officer, one who is there to serve the people. We have a small salary but that’s the life we chose,” he said during the graduation of public safety officers in Davao City.

“You want money then get out of the police and start a business if you have the money,” he added.

The President cautioned the policemen not to make a mistake of getting involved in the illegal drug trade or they might end up dead. He said he may be “forgiving” for faults committed by policemen except for drug involvement.

“I know all rackets of life, including the rackets of policemen. It’s okay if you commit other wrongdoing. Maybe I will be forgiving,” he said.

“But I’m warning you: Don’t commit a mistake of getting involved in drugs. You will really die. You’ve seen how many policemen have fallen,” he said.

Duterte also vowed to run after “ninja cops” or those involved in recycling seized illegal drugs.

“‘The ninja cops will really die even if I’m no longer president. I will run after those fools,” he said.


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