I want a govt not favouring any party: Mahathir
Published on: Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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PUTRAJAYA: Interim Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he will try to form a government that does not favour any political parties after his stunning move to step down from the premiership recently.

He was speaking during a special address at the Prime Minister' Office, here, Wednesday.


1. Firstly, I apologise to all Malaysians for the current troublesome situation in the country which could result in unease among you.

2. As publicly known, I tendered my resignation as the seventh Prime Minister to the Agong. However, I was summoned to meet with the Agong with whom I had a one-hour discussion. His Highness accepted my resignation and ordered for me to be the interim Prime Minister.

3. There are many reasons for my resignation but suffice to say I was said to be getting support from all quarters that I couldn't choose a side.

4. Also, there was an accusation that I intended not to let go of my post and that I was power-hungry. This is why I resigned as I didn't see power and position as "be all and end all" as my goal.

5. To me, power and position is "a means to an end" or an instrument to achieve an objective. And our objective is definitely the country's wellbeing.

6. Therefore, I resigned because I saw that to politicians, what's important is which party rules, who wins and who loses.

7. Actually, I've promised to resign to give a chance to the Dewan Rakyat to determine my successor. If it's true that I'm still supported, I'll come back. If not, I'll accept whoever is chosen.

8. So the chance to change leadership remains. Only that I think since I was supported by both sides, the time for me to resign hadn't come. I asked for time. But my party BERSATU decided to exit the Pakatan Harapan.

9. There'll be other component parties leaving. With this behaviour, Pakatan Harapan will collapse. The effect is if BERSATU supports PAS and UMNO, the losing parties will form the government. This government will be dominated by UMNO, the largest party.

10. I can accept UMNO members leaving the party and joining others, but UMNO will join this coalition as UMNO. This, I can't accept. Therefore, I had to resign.

11. As a human being, I make mistakes. I'm sorry if my resignation is wrong. The Agong decreed that I be the interim Prime Minister. I realise what I do now will be rejected and opposed to by many but maybe others will support.

12. I don't mean to be liked by many. I just do something that I think is good for the nation. Politics, politicians and political parties are so bent on politics that they forget the nation is facing economic and health problems that threaten the country.

13. Right or wrong, I think politics and political parties need be set aside for now. If allowed, I'll try to create an administration that doesn't favour any party.

14. Only the nation's interest is the priority. If allowed, this is what I'll go for. I pray to God for guidance in this.



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