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Published on: Thursday, February 27, 2020
By: Anthea Peter
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KOTA KINABALU: In the wake of Covid-19, certain establishments in the Government and private sector have taken precautionary measures by implementing body temperature screenings at their premises. 

Sutera Harbour Resort are among the hotels that have set up a screening checkpoint at The Magellan Sutera Resort and The Pacific Sutera Hotel lobbies, for both guests and staff.

Its spokesperson told Daily Express that guests will go through a temperature check with an infrared thermometer upon arriving at the hotels prior to check-in or patronising the restaurants and recreational facilities.

She added that hotel staff are also screened on a daily basis and will be granted medical leave and referred to their panel clinic in case of a high temperature reading.

“Those with high fever or other symptoms may undergo additional screening. When checking in, all hotel guests are also asked to fill a questionnaires enquiring about prior China travels,” she said.

Ming Garden Hotel and Residences have also established the same precautionary procedures, according to its spokesperson.

“If the temperature reads 38 degrees and above, we will get the guest or staff to relax (cool down) for a while and rescan their temperature, because sometimes it may be caused by walking under the hot sun,” she said. 

She added that if there is a case of high temperature reading, guests or staff will be referred to the hospital.

“It’s just to make sure. We can’t take it lightly as it’s someone’s life,’ she said.  

Other hotels such as Hilton Kota Kinabalu and Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu have also started daily body temperature screenings for their staff.

“We have the temperature scanner available at the security checkpoint as we enter the hotel to report for duty,” said Hilton’s spokesperson. 

Meanwhile, Maybank Sdn Bhd had also implemented body temperature screening checkpoints at all of its branches since early February.

A Maybank staff, Muhammad Akimiey, in his 20’s, said customers with a temperature of 38 degrees and above will not be allowed to enter the premises but referred to the nearest clinic.

“We had a case where a customer had a temperature reading of 38 degrees. He claimed that he was not having a fever, but we rechecked his temperature eight times and it still read the same.

“We referred him to the clinic. He was diagnosed for fever by the doctor.

“However, we would allow customers who have high fever to enter, but they need to present a medical document from the doctor which verifies that they are Covid-19 free,” he said. 

The Employees Provident Fund (KWSP) office building here is also taking precautionary measures and have also set up a body temperature screening checkpoint outside the office entrance. 

Its spokesperson said that they will also prohibit those with a temperature reading of 38 degrees and above from entering the premises.

He added that there have been a couple of cases where patrons recorded a high temperature reading, and they were immediately referred to the hospital. 

“When we do these checks, it does not mean we are diagnosing whether a person has Covid-19 or not. We’re simply checking their body temperature,” he said when asked on certain people’s apprehension towards being screened, implying that it should be understood by the people.


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