Booby trap on this Penampang walkway
Published on: Wednesday, March 25, 2020
By: Oliver Voon
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This raised metal stump on the walkway in Donggongon township, can spell a danger for unsuspecting pedestrians.
THE Penampang District Council is urged to urgently remove a “pole stump” on a public walkway in Donggongon town for pedestrians’ safety purposes.

A member of the public approached Hotline recently with a picture of the sharp pole stump sticking out on the surface of the raised concrete walkway at Jalan Penampang Tambunan.

“An elderly man who was walking in front of me suddenly stopped and complained of pain on his foot after he accidentally kicked on the metal stump,” said JOE, the complainant.

He said the latter’s foot was bleeding as a result of kicking the sharp edge of the stump. 

“Luckily his toes and ankle were not hurt and he managed to walk to his parked car,” he added.

He urged the relevant authority to remove the metal stump soon as possible to prevent anyone from sustaining such injury. 

“Maybe several other people had already been injured but they chose not to report it,” he said. 

A Council spokesman said its staff at the relevant section would be asked to verify the complaint immediately.

“We hope members of the public will notify us if they spotted such danger in town so action can be taken swiftly to remove it,” he added. 

He assured that the metal stump would be removed from the walkway soon.  (OV)



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