Water Dept urged to step up maintenance in Putatan
Published on: Tuesday, May 19, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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Appears to have eroded away, causing the pipes above to sag at the joint.
PUTATAN: A Putatan homeowner hopes the Water Department will step up efforts to maintain its installations, including the distribution mains, at one section of Jalan Lok Saga.

He fears that these pipes may spring leaks especially at those sections which had been soldered together.

The consumer observed that the supply mains nearest to his home appeared to be sagging slightly at the joint between the two pipes.

He said the small concrete pillar which supported the distribution mains also appeared to have deteriorated.

The individual provided Hotline with the location of the distribution mains in question. This information was forwarded to the Department.

A spokesman for the agency said it would have to verify the resident’s claims.

“Our staff will have to determine whether the pipes are indeed part of the Department’s supply line,” he said.

“If this is so, then we will arrange to have our distribution mains, including the pillar, attended to as soon as possible.”

Under normal circumstances, he said maintenance on the Department’s installations was carried out regularly. 

He stressed that the agency’s priority was to ensure that these installations were operating as they should, during the implementation of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), 

“This means maintaining and carrying out repairs on our pipes and water pumps, as and when this becomes necessary.”

SHIN of Putatan said the pillar beneath the water mains did not appear to be supporting the pipes properly.

“The pillar is no longer up right. It is leaning at an angle and there is a space between the top of the pillar and the base of the pipes,” he said.

“I suspect that this may be due to settlement of the verge.”

Alternatively, he said the concrete might also have deteriorated, over the years, due to wear and tear.

“Without the support provided by this concrete, the pipes are no longer truly horizontal. 

“They look as if they are being pulled down slightly at the joint. I suspect that this is because of the weight of the water inside.” 

Shin appealed to the Department to have the pillar rebuilt before the mains sprung a leak.

“If this happens consumers living here – including those in Taman Pasir Putih Phase 5 at the end of the road, where I stay – might encounter water problems.

“The public could either lose our supply altogether, or Pasir Putih residents might find that their tap water has been reduced to a trickle because there is insufficient pressure for the supply to reach them.”

He also feared that a burst might go unattended by the Department’s staff for days, with the water escaping into the drain nearby.

“It would be a gross negligence to see the supply going to waste in this manner, given the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in because of the MCO.”

Given the large area under the agency’s jurisdiction, he felt that the agency’s technicians could not be everywhere at once.

“Owing to this, I urge the Department to have its installations along Jalan Lok Saga attended to as soon as possible to spare us the inconvenience of a potential water disruption.”


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