Penalised for not showing ‘expired’ parking ticket
Published on: Thursday, May 21, 2020
By: Oliver Voon
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Several motorists who bought March’s monthly parking ticket from City Hall were compounded for failing to display the “expired” ticket on their dashboard recently.
Kota Kinabalu: A motorist was shocked to learn that she has been penalised by City Hall’s parking attendant for not displaying her monthly parking ticket on the dashboard when leaving her car behind at the car park in Lintas Square on May 12. 

 “I didn’t put the ticket on the dashboard as usual after parking my car because the last one I bought was for the month of March, which was the time when the Movement Control Order (MCO) first started,” said ANNE, the car owner, who spoke on behalf of her colleagues who experienced the same on that day.

She said she didn’t purchase any ticket for the following month including for the month of May because her company was closed during the span of the order.

 “Why did they chose to summon those who didn’t display their parking ticket, rather than just issue a warning first?” she asked.

What was more puzzling was the fact that the parking attendant told her to display the expired ticket on the dashboard because City Hall has not provided the latest one at the moment.

 “I could have done that if only I knew, but I only learn this when I went to ask the attendant after being summoned.

She said it was highly inconsiderate on the part of the attendants to penalise motorists for failing to display the ‘expired’ ticket.

 “Why would I want to display an expired ticket if I was compounded the last time I forgotten to change it?” she asked.

She said City Hall should have made an announcement in the local newspapers or put up a notice at the car park when they start operating on that day.

 “I wonder how many unsuspecting motorists were compounded on that day,” she added.

A City Hall spokeswoman, when contacted recently, assured that the matter would be submitted to their staff in charge of parking management.

 “Allow us to check on this first before commenting further,” she added.

The outcome would be submitted to Hotline soon as possible. 


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