Liew throws dare to govt on Bills
Published on: Saturday, May 23, 2020
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Kota Kinabalu: Former de-facto Law Minister Datuk Liew Vui Keong (pic) said his successor Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan should ask the Prime Minister to convene a special Parliament sitting soonest to table the announced Covid-19 Bills. 

 “Do not allow your razor-thin majority in Parliament by possibly only one Member of Parliament (MP) at most to risk the lives of Malaysians,” he said in a statement, Friday.

 Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Parliament and Law) Takiyuddin spoke on several issues relating to the one-day Dewan Rakyat sitting on May 18 to Bicara Naratif on TV1 titled “Mengimbau Sidang Parlimen”.

 “One revelation by the Minister during the interview is truly puzzling. 

 “This being that the Government would undertake an ‘unprecedented’ move to amend existing Acts and introduce new Bills to better suit the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic currently faced by the country...but this unelected backdoor Government will only table these Bills in the July sitting, after some 5 months into the pandemic.

“Though glad the Minister has after two months in office finally understood the gravity and complexity of the legal intricacies surrounding this pandemic, I am unsure if he understands the urgency for these legal matters to be resolved by Parliament,” said Liew, who is Batu Sapi Member of Parliament.

 He said thousands of Malaysians have been plunged into unemployment and face grave economic uncertainty. 

“Many more will be plunged into bankruptcy and insolvency in the coming months, while for fresh graduates, what awaits them? These are among immediate national concerns which the Government must resolve now. Not months down the road in July,” he said. 

He said by only tabling these very important Bills in July, the Minister who seems to want to speak more about having to appoint government MPs to government-linked corporations (GLCs) to obtain their support in Parliament, does not think these issues affecting ordinary Malaysians are important or worth this illegitimate Government’s time to convene Parliament for. 

“Why wait for July? Why the refusal to call for a special sitting immediately to table these laws and assist Malaysians now? 

 “The faster these laws are tabled and enforced the faster Malaysians can overcome the challenges of this pandemic. But your fear to convene Parliament due to your illegitimacy is affecting all Malaysians today. It will only be so much worse in July.

“The PN-GPS Government could have done it last May 18. Instead they lock-downed Parliament and prohibited the MPs from giving press interviews in Parliament and denying our freedom of expression. 

 “They also stopped the media from entering Parliament to report on the opening of Parliament except to allow the Government media. 



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