City Hall urges homeowners to bag their garden waste
Published on: Saturday, May 23, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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Piles of garden waste have encroached onto this Likas road.
Kota Kinabalu: City Hall has refuted a ratepayer’s claims about a breakdown in its garbage collection service in one part of Kg Likas, saying the domestic waste was removed from homes along the road according to schedule.

The resident claimed that the rubbish, outside residences along the stretch, had not been removed for some time.

A spokesman for the agency said a check revealed that the refuse in question was actually garden waste.

“Garden waste, including branches and leaves, is generally removed from those areas under our jurisdiction according to a fixed schedule,” he said.

“We are arranging to have the rubbish on this housing road and others in the area cleared as soon as possible.”

He advised homeowners to bag their garden waste and place it beside their bins.

“Ratepayers who feel that that this rubbish had been left outside their homes for too long to contact City Hall directly. 

“We will try to have this type of refuse removed before it is next due to be collected.”

MARCY of Likas said the rubbish had been piling up along the housing road, where she lived, since the end of April

On top of making the area look unsightly, she said the garbage on the road shoulder also put pedestrians in harm’s way because they were forced to walk on the stretch. 

“The collection service is part of the assessment which we pay to City Hall,” she said.

“I think it is unfair of the agency to charge us for a service which is not forthcoming.” 

Marcy said the width of one of the two lanes, which made up the stretch, had narrowed, as the bags of waste had encroached on some portions of the road.

“Drivers who swerve around this refuse, risk colliding with oncoming traffic.

“They also risk having their vehicles hit from behind as they slow down to avoid these obstacles.”

She said, at times, traffic along the road got heavy, as some drivers used the stretch to avoid the road-work being carried at this section of Jalan Tuaran.

Marcy said she had taken note of the rubbish, after almost colliding with another vehicle at this trouble spot recently. 

“City Hall should look into this problem quickly. 

“I hope that they don’t wait for a bad accident to happen, and lives to be lost, before dealing with this problem,” she said. 

She said she shared her frustrations with a friend living in another part of Kg Likas.

“My companion informed me that the garden waste had not been collected from Lorong Tabib as well.”

Marcy provided Hotline with the name of her housing road which information was forwarded to City Hall.


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