NGOs lodge police reports over insult of KDMR women
Published on: Thursday, June 25, 2020
By: Sherell Jeffrey
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The women led by Awas and Mondopiton with the reports lodged at the Penampang police station.
Kota Kinabalu: Two women non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have lodged police reports against a Facebook user for allegedly disgracing the image of Kadazan Dusun Murut Rungus (KDMR) women. 

“The posting is an insult to KDMR women and is aimed at bringing shame to them by implying that they are uncivilised and a bunch of drunks who are easily bedded by men from other races,” said Pertubuhan Paradigma Wanita Sabah (Awas) President, Winnie Juani, Wednesday.

She said the posting clearly showed the individual was misogynistic and hoped the police will conduct full investigation against the individual.

 “The individual is strongly prejudice against KDMR women and it might escalate into racial unrest if left unchecked,” she said. 

Together with Awas were those from Mondopiton led by Stephanie Lazarus. They lodged their reports at the Penampang police station. 

 This is the latest incident involving the KDMR community being insulted. 

Last week, a group of close to 300 KDMR members from the Pasukan Merah Dayak Rights Action Force Sabah (Pasukan Merah Draf Dayak Sabah) turned up at the Kota Marudu Native Court which heard the first such case of a foreigner who allegedly insulted the KDMR community in Kota Marudu with foul language.


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