Manggatal drainage woes solved: DBKK
Published on: Saturday, June 27, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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BEFORE: The Manggatal drain was clogged with weeds.
Kota Kinabalu: Maintenance, including de-sludging work, is carried out on roadside drains under the Government concessionaire according to a prearranged schedule.

A City Hall spokesman said the agency generally alerted the firm’s staff about blocked drains which were in front of homes within the agency’s rating area.

“This is the most that we can do as we are only responsible for clearing those drains outside the backyard,” he said.

“This work is carried out once every three months.” 

On a complaint that about the drainage woes in one part of Taman Richdar, Manggatal, the spokesman said its staff inspected the neighbourhood shortly after becoming aware of this problem.

AFTER: The drain after it had been cleaned and de-silted

“They confirmed that the drains in front of homes, off Lorong 1, were filled with water vegetation,” he said.

“The concessionaire was informed of these findings and urged to attend to the drains as soon as possible.”

He said a follow-up check was carried out a week later, during which City Hall personnel found that the work had been done.

“In light of the present grievance our workers de-silted the back yard drains even before the scheduled cleaning.”

“The public living in the area should inform directly of any irregularities, involving the drains, so that their grievances can be promptly dealt with.” 

AUDRA of Manggatal said part of her compound and the stretch outside her front gate were prone to flooding whenever it rained heavily.

She said the drains along the road did not appear to have been maintained in some time.

“I suspect that there is a lot of sediment at the bottom of these structures as they are overgrown with weeds,” she said. 

She hoped the local authorities would deal with the drains for the wellbeing of those who lived in the neighbourhood.

“The water which pools on the road takes a long time to recede after the rain has past.

“I suspect that the water inside the drains is stagnating as a foul odour can sometimes be detected coming from the direction of the stretch.

She said those living beside the road had to keep the doors and windows, which face the road closed, to prevent this bad smell from coming indoors. 

“I have had to remove the weeds from inside the drains near my house on countless occasions.

“I cannot understand why I have to do this considering I pay City Hall assessment annually.”

Audra said part of these funds went towards the maintenance of the public areas around the neighbourhood, including the drains.

“What is the point of paying for a service which is, at best, unreliable.”


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