Lights along Luyang stretches restored
Published on: Monday, June 29, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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The lights in this part of Jalan Kolam were restored after the problem with a power line was dealt with.
Kota Kinabalu: Technical faults were to blame for the breakdown of the streetlights along a section of Jalan Kijang and Jalan Kolam, both in Luyang.

A City Hall spokesman said a check of the former in Luyang Phase 5 revealed that some the agency’s fixtures were damaged.

“Some of the bulbs and a ballast for the lights had to be replaced before the housing road was properly illuminated,” he said.

“A sky-master was deployed to facilitate efforts to have the lights restored.”

He said the contractor, tasked with maintaining these public amenities, was asked to periodically check on these facilities to ensure this problem did not recur.

In the case of Jalan Kolam, a total of 12 lights were restored after Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) attended to the underground cable servicing these facilities, according to him.

He said an inspection of the lights was made in May when City Hall first became aware of the problem.

“The contractor who looks after these facilities reset the control panel for the lights several times.

“A mechanism inside blew, in each instance, when he tried to restore these amenities.”

He said City Hall engineers went to check on the lights, together with SESB technicians, in the second week of June.

The spokesman said a fuse for one of the latter’s installations in the area kept blowing during the inspection.

“We were made to understand that this might stem from rainwater seepage. 

“The runoff was likely finding its way into one part of the electricity cable between the installation and the lights.” 

The spokesman urged the public to contact City Hall directly about any irregularities involving these lights so that action can be taken to deal with these problems as soon as possible.

A skymaster was used to attend to the damaged lights along Jalan Kijang.

RAY, who lives off Jalan Kijang, said some of the lights along the stretch had been out of operation for more than six months.

He was at a loss to understand how the agency could have turned a blind eye to these streetlight woes there.

“There have been several break-ins in the neighbourhood,” he said. 

“I fear that the unscrupulous parties are taking advantage of the lack of illumination along the road to carry out these misdeeds.”

Meanwhile, WONG bemoaned the lack of illumination between the turn-off to Taman Layang-Layang and Jalan Kolam- Jalan Damai traffic light intersection, near Foh Sang, at night.

“This situation is hazardous to motorists exiting from the neighbourhood onto the main road as they have to reckon with drivers speeding down the latter stretch.

“One evening, my car was almost hit by an oncoming road-user while I was on my way from the Layang- Layang area to the City.”

He expressed his concern about the breakdown of the streetlights to the local authorities in June but claimed that nothing had been done, so far, to restore the lights.


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