This glare is a road hazard
Published on: Wednesday, July 01, 2020
By: Oliver Voon
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Notice the intense glare of the sun reflecting on the shiny parts of the ornamental monument on the roundabout in question from this road at Imago.
City Hall has been urged to come up with a solution about the intense sunlight reflecting from the ornamental monument on the roundabout near Wisma Sedco in the city.

“The glare from the rising sun in the morning is especially dangerous to motorists heading to that direction from Imago,” stressed JASON, a regular user of the stretch.

He told Hotline recently that glaring sunlight reflecting from a shiny object is responsible for many road accidents in other countries every year as drivers are temporarily blinded by the sun on their windscreen. 

“This may sound trivial to some people but the dangerous conditions which are caused by glare reflecting from the monument to some unsuspecting motorists, especially the elderly drivers and those without sunglasses on, are real,” he added.

He said it inconvenient many road users who are setting off to their respective destinations from Imago.

“I surely hope the local authorities can look into this seriously before any accident happens on that stretch later,” he added.

He also pointed out that driving towards the sun can also block drivers’ vision of the surroundings and cause sudden moments of blindness.

“You won’t be able to see if anyone crosses the road at that time,” he said, adding that some drivers may also not realise that he or she has veered off the road because of that.

A close-up of what is on this roundabout.

He reiterated that drivers need to be vigilant for joggers or stalled cars as they are twice as likely to ram into them if their vision is affected by sun glare.

“The blinding effect is similar to that caused by a high-intensity car headlight at night,,” he said.

A City Hall spokeswoman, when contacted recently, said the matter would be discussed among their officials soon as possible.

“We will see how best to overcome this situation,” she said, adding that it may seek the assistance of other related authorities as well.

She said it needs to establish as to whether the structure on the roundabout was built by their contractor or not.

Hotline would follow up on the case again later. 


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