District Council to minimise nuisance created by dogs
Published on: Wednesday, July 08, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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A Council staff is seen trying to lure out one of the strays from under a lorry at the commercial centre.
PENAMPANG: THE District Council is monitoring the goings-on at a Penampang commercial centre to minimise the nuisance created by dogs roaming about there.

A spokesman for the agency said its workers inspected the area and confirmed the presence of the canines.

“They succeeded in catching two dogs during this inspection,” he said.

“We will keep an eye on the area from time to time to ensure that this part of the town is kept free of strays.”

This action was prompted by a complaint that the canines in this part of the town were apparently quite vicious.

One of the strays being loaded onto the Council’s open truck.

CYNTHIA of Penampang said she and her family felt uneasy because of the presence of the strays.

“We had intended to have our dinner at a eatery in the building, along Lorong Bumi, on a recent week day night,” she said.

“When we got down from the car, we heard a loud barking and saw some dogs chasing a car as it drove past.”

She said the canines turned their attention to her and her family when they gave up on their pursuit.

“As they moved towards us they began snarling. 

“My husband, who was holding our young daughter, tried to shout at them, hoping to scare them off, but the strays still edged closer.

“So, we got back in our car and drove off to have our meal somewhere else.”

Cynthia hoped the local authorities would crackdown on the presence of such canines, before any passers by came to harm because of these dogs.

Meanwhile, a Kepayan rate-payer has spoken out about the nuisance created by the noise coming from her neighbour’s compound.

DION claimed that there were as many as five dogs in the home next to hers.

“Every night they bark and howl. This prevents me and my family from getting a restful sleep,” she said.

“I was made to understand that Kota Kinabalu rate-payers are not allowed to keep more than 2 dogs in their homes at any one time.

“If this is so, I don’t know how my neighbour can be getting away with looking after so many canines.”

She suspected that the dogs were noisy because they might not be getting enough to eat.

Dion said the canines often foraged for food if they managed to escape from the compound.

“They tip over my bin and bite through the plastic bags inside, giving me and my husband extra work after they leave.

“We are so fed up of having to pick up the remnants and hose down the section of the housing road in front of our house.” 

Dion said, a few months ago, she saw some City Hall officers outside the dog-owner’s residence.

“One of my neighbours told me the individual had been warned to take better care of his pets.

“This advice seems to have fallen on deaf ears as, up to now, the dogs continue to be a public nuisance.”

She provided Hotline with the location of the home where the dogs were being reared. This information was forwarded to City Hall. 

A spokesman for the agency said it would have to verify the Dion’s claims.

“Our staff will check on the goings on at the home in question before proceeding with further action,” he said.



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