Putatan Council to replace damaged communal bins
Published on: Friday, July 10, 2020
By: Oliver Voon
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Notice the substantial crack on this part of the communal bin servicing the apartment concerned.
PUTATAN District Council is in the process of replacing several damaged communal bins servicing the residents of Apartment Sri Tansau at Jalan Ketiau. 

A resident from this neighbourhood contacted Hotline not too long ago to complain about the poor condition of the bins which saw many parts of the plastic material have shattered.

“It’s time to have them replaced,” stressed SUNNY, who spoke on behalf of the apartments dwellers.

He bemoaned the foul smell emanating from the kitchen waste that spilled out from the bins during collection times.

“Dogs from the nearby villages often came to rummage through the contents of the plastic bags that scattered on the road after the collection cycles because they were lured by the smells.

Plastic bag containing rubbish dispersed on the road near the bin centre are commonplace especially after the bins are emptied.

“This litter which is an eye sore to passers-by, can be easily avoided had the bins were replaced,” he added.

Aggravating the situation is the fact that leachate problem has brought much inconvenient to the residents there as well.

“The present rainy season makes the situation even worse when the smelly liquid continuously spilling out from these bins during collection times.

“It gets intolerable when we drove past these leachate on the road because the pungent smell can be smelled from the undercarriage of our car even after a day,’ he added.

He hoped the local authorities as well as the apartment management can step in to resolve this long standing issue.

“I think ensuring the bins are emptied regularly won’t be enough if the mess on the floor of the bin centre remains unattended,” he told Hotline, adding that some irresponsible individuals insists on throwing their rubbish next to the bins, instead of inside the facilities.

A Council spokesman, when contacted recently, said the bins in question would be replaced very soon.

“We can’t tell as to when this is done at this stage but one thing for sure is that bins in similar condition at other rating areas will be replaced as well,” he added.

Hotline would follow up on this case again later. 


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