Trees, creepers encroach TM cables in Kobusak
Published on: Saturday, July 11, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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The overgrown greenery on this Penampang road has encroached into the path of the cables nearby.
A PENAMPANG resident has voiced her concern about the trees and creepers which have encroached into the path of Telekom Malaysia (TM) cables at one section of Jalan Kobusak.

SHIRLEY said this greenery had not been maintained in sometime. 

As a result, the cables along the stretch had become entangled in the overgrown trees on the verge, according to her.

“At one section there is even a dead tree which is being propped up by the overhead lines nearby,” she said. 

“Thankfully, the cables have not snapped but as a result the poles to which they are attached are slanting.

“Many of us living in the area have noticed that our telephone and Internet services have been functioning intermittently.”

She and her neighbours suspected that this might have something to do with the strain on the overhead lines.

“I would hate for the cables to snap and disrupt our phone and Unifi services.”

Shirley provided Hotline with the location of the affected poles and cables. This information was forwarded to TM. 

A spokesman for the firm said the management would have to verify these claims.

“We will have to determine if these poles and cables belong to us. Should this be the case, then further action will be taken,” he said.

“We will also have to establish who the trees belong to before having the branches pruned.”

He said TM would forward this matter to the relevant parties if the structures were not related to its service. 

Meanwhile, the company trying to get to the bottom of the problems which a Manggatal Streamyx subscriber has experienced in using this service.

DREA said said her Unifi service has been functioning intermittently since the beginning of July. 

“The line keeps gets disconnected every few minutes and as a result I cannot stream any live events on my television,” she said.

“I have also cannot make use of my Internet service properly on my handphone.” 

She felt it was unfair to keep paying for a service which was, at best, unreliable.

“I hope TM will maintain their installations servicing the village and surrounding area to prevent these Internet woes from recurring.”

Drea provided Hotline with the times and dates during which her broadband service was out of order. This information was forwarded to TM.

The spokesman said the relevant section would be queried about this matter.

“We will try to have the customer’s services operational as soon as possible,” he said.

He said the company might also consider giving her a rebate for the period during which Internet was playing up.

“Should we decide to grant the rebates, the subscriber’s account will be accordingly adjusted. 

“This will be reflected in her upcoming bills.”


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