Consumer yet to receive tap water since last year
Published on: Tuesday, July 28, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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The water from the well is murky and of a poor quality.
An Inanam resident, who applied to receive tap water last year but has yet to have a supply extended to her home in Kg Tamalang Silou, is advised to contact the Water Department about this matter.

A spokesman for the agency said the resident would be required to furnish its staff with the reference number for her application.

“We will have to check our records to determine the reason for the hold-up,” he said.

He said its personnel would have to establish whether a logistics problem was behind this situation.

“The consumer might be asked to have a pump and balancing tank installed so that tap water can reach her premises because her home is located on higher ground.

“However, we will only know if she comes forward.” 

The resident should liaise with Hotline to find out which officer is handling her case. The individual claimed that repeated requests had been made to the Department over the years to have a supply extended to the village.

This Inanam resident pumps water from the well in her village.


 So far, she has been unable to apply for a water meter as no distribution pipes have been installed along the access road to the area. When contacted, the Village Community Management Council Chairman said the latest application to obtain water mains was submitted to the Department some time in 2019.

“A month after this, some of the agency’s officers and a consultant inspected the area,” he said.

“They informed me, at the time, that several kilometres of distribution pipes would have to be put in place before we could receive a supply.”

Since then, however, he has not heard back from anyone from the Department about this matter.

“I have also not received an official response to my application.”

CASSANDRA of Inanam said the rural folk in Kg Tamalang Silou felt it was unfair to be deprived of a water supply, considering their counterparts elsewhere in the district had been enjoying this privilege for years.

“The water received through the gravity-feed is, at best, irregular during the dry season,” she said.

“Our only alternative is to depend on the contents of a well but the water, can only be drawn with manually, and is so murky that most of us just use it for sanitation purposes.”

She said she was forced, more often than not, to transport tap water from a relative living nearby in Kg Tatahan.

Failing this, she said she depended on the supply at her workplace.

“Now, I can only fall back on the supply I receive from City Hall. 

The Village Chief said about 400 people lived in Kg Tamalang Silou, which was located about 3 kilometres away from the town.

“Our ‘mata air’ (water source) has all but dried up during this dry spell,” he said.

“Many of us have been depending on the assistance provided by City Hall and what little water we can store whenever it rains.

He claimed to have submitted two separate requests to obtain a supply in the village: one in 1986, another in 1990.

“Shortly after my second try, I was made to understand that it would be difficult for us to receive tap water because our homes were located on higher ground.

“The Department’s staff informed me that this might only be possible if there was a strong-enough pump to push a supply up to us.” 

A City Hall spokeswoman confirmed that treated water was delivered to 20 Inanam villages, including Kg Tamalang Silou, which did not have a supply.

She said a contractor, appointed by the agency, had been doing this on a rotating schedule.

“He and his workers send water to between three to four villages once a week,” she said.

“This assistance is being provided on a humanitarian basis as those living in these areas are not metered water consumers.”


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