Grace period for owner to clear unkempt property
Published on: Thursday, July 30, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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This mini jungle behind the Manggatal rate-payer’s home is an eyesore and source of frustration.
City Hall staff will check on the condition of some undeveloped area near a Manggatal neighbourhood, following a complaint that the property was unkempt.

A spokesman for the agency said the authority would have to verify this claim.

“We will write to the homeowner, if these allegations prove to be true,” he said.

“He/ she will be asked to clean up the compound of his/ her home.

He said the individual would be given a grace period in which to get the property in order.

“Should the owner fail to comply with our instructions, then further action will be taken against him/ her.”

The spokesman said the agency’s staff would make random checks to determine whether this was the case.

ETHAN, who lives in Taman Bukit Sepanggar, decried “the open space” at the back part of his home as being an eye-sore.

He said this area had not been maintained as no action had been taken to trim the grass and trees there in some time.

“It is covered with overgrown trees, plants and weeds and look as if a jungle has formed there,” he said.

“I constantly have to sweep up the dried leaves which fall into my compound from this land.”

He also voiced his concern that the open space might become a breeding ground for pests.

“Snakes and rats have begun to find their way from the direction of this land.” 

City Hall workers regularly clear some of the overgrown greenery outside the backyard fence.

Ethan feared that unscrupulous parties might take advantage of the poor condition of the open space to carry out misdeeds.

“This area creates a bad impression of the neighbourhood, especially in the eyes of those visiting the area for the first time.

“I have reported these goings-on to City Hall repeatedly over the past few years.

“The staff who recorded these grievances assured him that action would be taken.

“The workers will sometimes cut the grass and remove some of the overgrown weeds for a few metres beyond the perimeter fence.

“The rest of the area is just left to grow wild.”

Ethan said, at one stage, he said an officer in the agency’s Landscaping Department informed him that this property was a reserve owned by the government.

“If this so, why is are the local authorities failing to maintain the land, instead of allowing it to become a nuisance to the public living nearby.” 

The rate-payer provided Hotline with the location of the “open space” in question, which was forwarded to the City Hall.


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