Sabah delicacies make impact in KL’s Kg Baru
Published on: Tuesday, August 04, 2020
By: Lorena Binisol
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A stall specialising in food from Sabah.
Kuala Lumpur: A well-known area by the locals living in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, called Kampung Baru, surrounded by skyscrapers, one of them the iconic KLCC tower, is always visited by the locals and tourists alike.

A small area with a few stilt houses still seen there, it looks like a little village being enclosed with modernity around it.

Those typical Malay houses are actually real and being occupied by a community believed to have been living there since decades ago. Around it is a few stretches of stalls selling mostly local food. One stall called Selera Sabahan caught the attention of a group of visitors from Sabah curious over what it provided, but the owner was nowhere to be found at the time, so they went to other stalls to hunt for local food.


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