Reservoir to blame for Manggatal water woes
Published on: Saturday, August 08, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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The powerful gush indicates the water supply and pressure is normal.
A PROBLEM at the reservoir servicing sections of Manggatal was to blame for the water woes which those occupying some apartments there experienced recently.

Those living on the property were without water for a few days recently.

A Water Department spokesman said a check revealed that the water level at the reservoir was low.

 “The Department is in the process of trying to determine what gave rise to this problem,” he said

He said water was temporarily diverted from another reservoir nearby to replenish the supply in the one servicing the apartments.

The spokesman said the agency’s staff would be keeping an eye on the water level at the latter to minimise the inconvenience caused to unit owners.

A spokesman for the Management Company (MC) said the firm’s staff were swamped with calls from irate apartment-owners.

“The management did not receive any prior notice about the lack of supply to the property,” he said.

“Our personnel repeatedly contacted the Department to find out what was going on.”

“The agency’s staff could only tell us that they were in the midst of trying to solve these water woes.

“At one point, a senior officer informed us that the low water pressure was to blame for our problems.”

DORA, who occupies an apartment on the upper-floor at one of the blocks there, bemoaned the irregular supply to her unit.

“The taps in my unit went dry shortly after 8am on Friday,” she said.

“I immediately contacted the MC and was informed that the disruption was due to a shutdown by the Department.”

The apartment-owner admitted that she found this to be a little dubious as the agency had not forewarned consumers to stock water in advance of such an event.

“There were no notices to this affect pinned up anywhere on the grounds of the apartments and there were no advertisements to inform as such in the local newspapers.”

When she returned home from work around 5.30pm, she said there was still no water. 

“The next morning, I turned on the taps around the and was grateful to find that my supply had been restored.

“My relief, however, was short-lived because by 9.30am the strength of the treated water had been reduced greatly reduced.”

The supply was gone less than an hour later, according to her.

She hoped the Department would intervene to assist its consumers at the apartments.

“This is not the first time that we have encountered these water woes. We had no supply for several days about a fortnight earlier.

“At the time, I related my frustrations to a relative who lived elsewhere in Manggatal.

“She told me that the water pressure in her house at was weak.”  

Dora provided Hotline with the time and date of these problems. This information was forwarded to the Department. 

The Department spokesman suspected that the water woes, in the earlier instance, might have been an isolated case as the Department was not aware of any problems in the area.

“Our staff checked the distribution mains servicing the area, at the time, and found no blockages in these pipes,” he said.

“They also noted that the water pressure was strong at the time of this inspection.”


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