Kepayan residents upset over persistent canine nuisance
Published on: Monday, August 10, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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The dogs have a habit of soiling the common areas around this Kepayan neighbourhood.
DOG owners in a Kepayan neighbourhood will be reminded not to allow their pets to use the common areas around the neighbourhood as a toilet, following a complaint about the nuisance created by these canines.

A City Hall spokesman said public notices and pamphlets to this affect would be placed in the mail boxes of homes there.

“We hope to do this as soon as possible,” he said.

He said dog owners were reminded to ensure that their canines did not roam about the roads in the housing area unsupervised.

“Our dog control unit will monitor the goings-on in the area from time to time to determine whether the problem still persists.

“Any canines found wandering about unsupervised on the housing roads will be caught.”

The spokesman was responding to a complaint from a ratepayer who was displeased to find the verge outside her front gate soiled by the dogs.

She provided Hotline with the name of the housing road where she lives. This information was provided to the agency.

The spokesman said its staff had inspected the neighbourhood shortly after being made aware of this matter.

“They noted that the homes along the stretch where dogs were being kept,” he said.

“There were ‘holes’ in the fence of one house, through which the canines could come and go as they pleased.

He said these officers spoke personally to the occupants of both homes a few days later.

“These dog owners were asked to address the irregularities spotted by our officers.

“These individuals would be given a grace period to comply with this advice. 

“Should they fail to do so after this, then further action will be taken against them.”

SINTION of Kepayan bemoaned the inconvenience of having to clean up the canine stool from the verge and road outside her house.

“By right, the pet owners should do this, instead of leaving it to those of us who do not have the responsibility of looking after these dogs,” she said. 

She said these canines often roamed about on the housing road, chasing cars and pedestrians.

“Many parents are afraid to let their children play on the stretch.

“Their concern is not without reason because, some time ago, a senior citizen was almost bitten by one of these canines.”

She said she had to think twice about going for a walk in her area because she feared that she might suffer similar injuries.

Sintion said some of the strays were in the habit of sleeping outside the front yard of some of the homes there.

“On top of this, the dogs have a penchant for tipping over our dustbins and foraging for food among the bagged waste.

She said she had reported these problems to the local authorities on several occasions.

“Despite assuring me that action will be taken, so far the nuisance still persists.” 


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