Dah Yeh underground water pipe ruptured
Published on: Saturday, September 12, 2020
By: Oliver Voon
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Workers attending to the burst underground water pipe at Lorong Kenawai 4E recently.
WATER Department has responded to a call to fix a ruptured underground water pipe at Lorong Kenawai 4E in Dah Yeh Villa, Likas, on Sept 3.

A resident there who contacted Hotline after spotting clear water seeping out from beneath a section of the concrete pavement which was located not too far from his house, feared that a large section of that area may collapse if the pipe leakage remained unattended for a long time.

“Not only it will cause damage to the road structure but it will affect the drainage system if the drain wall collapses and blocks the waterway as well,” said CHARLS, the complainant.

He said even though the water pressure in his house has been satisfactory lately there are occasions where the water only trickles.

“Could this problem affect the water delivery process when end users in this neighbourhood are using water at the same time?” he asked.

He recalled a recent lengthy water problem in the neighbourhood, which brought much inconvenience to the residents.

“Luckily I spotted it while walking my dog in that area one morning recently, otherwise there will be more days for us without treated tap water.

“Nobody will notice the leakage unless he or she bothers to check the content of the housing drain,” he told Hotline recently.

Meanwhile, he urged the relevant authority to clear any blockage at the drain outlets along that housing road and the adjacent Lorong Kenawai 4G.

“A recent heavy rain saw a large part of these roads were submerged under a few feet of water,” he added.

He said it would be good to check and clear the contents of the drains to ensure a smooth flow of water into the main drain.

“Now is the time to do it because of the monsoon season,” he added.

A Department spokeswoman said its contractor was tasked to carry out the recent pipe repair work.

“We appreciate the report as this will certainly help the situation,” she added, who urged members of the public to make full use of their Careline at 088-326888 when highlighting such a problem. 

A City Hall spokeswoman, when contacted recently, assured that its staff at the relevant division would be asked to check the condition of the housing drains there.

“Allow us to check it out first before taking action,” she said, adding that the rightful contractor would be notified to take the necessary action if the responsibility is outside their work scope.


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