‘Very poor’ state of Jalan Cendrakasih
Published on: Monday, September 14, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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Many Kolombong drivers are unhappy about the poor state of Jalan Cendrakasih.
CITY Hall will work together with the relevant agencies to resolve the problems involving Jalan Cendrakasih, in Kolombong.

A City Hall spokesman said the agency would broach the subject of improving the condition of the stretch at the next “mesyuarat tindakan daerah (district action meeting)”.

“This is the most that we can do in light of the numerous complaints we have been receiving about the damage to the stretch,” he said. 

“A check of our records reveals that the road does not belong to us.”

He was responding to a complaint from a Kolombong driver about the lack of maintenance carried out on the stretch. 

The individual said the road appeared to have been neglected as it was “very badly damaged”.

He said the road provided motorists with an alternative route to travel between the Taman Iramanis and the Metro Town commercial centre.

He said users of these two roads hope to escape the congestion, which occurres on the Kololombong Ring Road during the peak hours.

The spokesman said a City Hall officer had gone to the area to verify the motorist’s claims.

“He noted that the road was hazardous to drivers as it had become very narrow due to the presence of potholes, many of which were quite deep.

“Our staff also observed the presence of water pooling on the road but was unable to identify where it was coming from.”

The spokesman said the district action committee would have to determine the status of the road before addressing how best to deal with this run-off.

CALVIN of Kolombong said the road was an inconvenience to motorists and was in need of urgent repair.

“The uneven surface of the road damages the undercarriage of our vehicles,” he said.

“More than 20 potholes have formed, some of which are quite wide and several inches deep.” 

He said the condition of the road had gradually been deteriorating for years.

“Motorists have to swerve around the many crater-like holes and at times it feels like one is driving on an obstacle course.”

Calvin said drivers living in Taman Iramanis and Taman Seri Borneo depended on the stretch to travel between their neighbourhoods and Metro Town.

“It provides us another means to reach the traffic light intersection at Mile 5, Jalan Tuaran, as the main road is always congested, especially in the mornings before the start of office hours.”  

He highlighted the road woes to City Hall several times over the past few months, but the situation had yet to improve.

His complaint was initially forwarded to the Public Works and the Drainage and Irrigation Departments.

A spokesman for the former said the stretch was not listed in the Department’s road register. 

A spokeswoman the latter said the same, even-though there was a flood mitigation drain beside the stretch.

“The existing road was neither built nor sealed by the Department as it is not used to maintain the drain,” she said.

“Whenever the structure is cleaned, a crane is used to lower an excavator inside so that the drain can be properly desludged.”


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