DBKK to decide if greenery needs to be uprooted
Published on: Tuesday, September 15, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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This Kapayan tree has been pruned while City Hall determines if its roots are damaging the drain nearby.
The branches of a tree growing beside a home in Taman Seni Bena, Kepayan, have been trimmed, while City Hall decides whether this greenery will have to be uprooted.

This follows a rate-payer’s observations about the damage to the drain outside his front-yard.

The individual observed that cracks have formed in the drain and the section of his drive-way which has been built across the former structure.

He said part of the drain’s concrete walls had already fallen near the latter.

The homeowner suspects that the roots for the tree may have grown out against the structure, thus giving rise to this damage. 

The resident provided Hotline with the location of the drain in question. This information was forwarded to City Hall.

A spokesman for the agency’s Landscaping Department said it pruned the tree as a preliminary measure after finding that part of the walls for the drain had indeed collapsed.

Parts of the concrete wall (in circle) for the drain have collapsed.

“We have written to our peers in the Engineering Department (ED) about our findings,” he said on September 10.

The spokesman said LD staff would go on-site once reconstruction work began on the drain to check on the proximity of the roots to the structure.

“Only then will we be able to decide on our next course of action. 

“If the root-system for the tree is not too extensive then we might be able to save the tree.

“If the opposite proves to be the case, then we will arrange to have the greenery removed. 

The spokesman was responding to a Kepayan rate-payer’s misgivings about the lack of maintenance carried out on the drain in front of his home, off Lorong Cindul 2.

MIKE said a section of the concrete walls for the drain had collapsed, impeding the flow of water inside.

He claimed that those living in the area first noticed the damage years ago.

“When it rains, the water overflows, flooding the road but when it is hot the water stagnates, giving off a foul smell,” he said.

“I fear that mosquitoes have might be breeding inside the drain. I have noticed an increase in the number of these insects buzzing about my home.”

He has also noticed that the soil from the verge near the drain has begun to give way, with the bits of earth finding its way into the structure.

“I suspect that the roots of one of the trees on the roadside is pushing against the walls of the drain and causing the concrete to crack. 

“Even the section of the drive-way outside my house is riddled with cracks.

“I hope City Hall will consider removing the tree before my drive-way also collapses. If this happens, I will not be able to manoeuvre my vehicle into and out of my house.”

Mike contacted the agency about these alarming developments a few months ago. 

“So far, nothing has been done to address my concerns,” he said. 

An ED spokesman said repairs on the affected section of the drain would be carried out once the funds for the work became available.

“During an inspection, it was found that the concrete walls for the structure were damaged, with some parts having fallen into the drain,” he said on September 10.

“Our staff noted however that the water inside could still flow despite collapse.” He said the ED was working together with the LD to address the drainage woe as soon as possible.


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