Leaning pole fixed by TM
Published on: Wednesday, September 16, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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This Manggatal telephone pole looks as if it could fall over onto the car.
TELEKOM Malaysia (TM) Bhd has attended to a telephone pole at one section of Jalan Keliangau in Manggatal.

A TM spokesman said a check revealed that the structure was in danger of falling over.

“The moisture in the soil at the base of the pole had caused the pole to tilt,” he said.

“Action was taken to set the pole aright and fortified the base to prevent it from leaning over.” 

He urged the public in the area to report any irregularities involving the TM installations there directly to the company, so that such matters could be dealt with as soon as possible.

The spokesman apologised, on behalf of TM, for the inconvenience caused by the fallen lines.

The firm’s action was prompted by a Manggatal resident’s concerns about the safety hazards posed by the cable attached to the structure which was also hanging down. 

GUSTIN said the cables along the road leading to Kg Keliangau had become entangled in the branches of some trees growing on the verge.

“Thankfully, these lines were not severed but as a result many of the poles were left slanting,” he said.

“However, there have been instances where the branches have snapped and fallen on the cables.”

He said this had happened along to subscribers living in other parts of the town.

“The rural folk in these areas have noticed that their telephone and Internet services have been functioning intermittently.

Gustin claimed that those living in the village were not the only ones to experience these telecommunication woes.

“I have heard those operating workshops nearby complaining about similar problems. 

TM technicians set the pole back upright.

“Many have begun to wonder if this situation might have something to do with the strain on the overhead lines.”

He said several of his friends had reported these irregularities to TM’s 100 - Customer Assistance staff. 

“They were assured that this problem would be attended to and told to be patient, each time they contacted the firm to find out what had been done.” 

He provided Hotline with the location of the pole in question. This information was forwarded to TM and Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB). 

A spokesman for the latter said action would be taken to set the structure upright, if it proved to be an electricity pole.

“The relevant section will be alerted to the resident’s concerns and asked to check if the structure belongs to SESB,” he said. 


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