Hazardous protrusion removed
Published on: Wednesday, October 14, 2020
By: Oliver Voon
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A close-up look of the sharp metal object on the road divider before it was removed.
THE Public Works Department (PWD) responded swiftly to the call to remove a sharp steel post on the road divider at Mile 2.5, Jalan Tuaran, by a concerned motorist recently. 

The latter expressed deep concern about the metal post which was apparently bending dangerously towards the oncoming traffic. 

One of the supporting pillars for the guardrail had come loose which he believes to have happened following a car accident at that part of the suburb earlier.

A PWD spokesman, when contacted recently, said its contractor was immediately asked to remove the post after assessing the severity of the damage on the guardrail recently.  

“Removing the supporting pillar was just a temporary solution as we will repair the overall structure later,” he added. 

He urged all road users to decelerate when approaching that section of the main road.

“Always be careful when negotiating the bend at this part of the road,” he added.

The dangerous object was immediately taken out by the road caretaker recently.


BRANDON, who frequents the stretch concerned, said the guardrail which is intended to reduce the risk of serious accidents can instead cause more harm than good if the structure is lacking maintenance. 

“Does the relevant authority know about its present condition?,” he asked.

He said leaving it unattended for a long time will put motorists, particularly motorcyclists, at an increased risk of injury or even death.

“It’s supposed to protect motorists who have drifted off the road and not to aggravate the situation,” he added.

He hoped the base for the guardrail would be fortified soon as possible before anyone gets hurt or dies because of it.

“The streetlights along that road need to be checked as some of them have stopped functioning at night for more than a month as well,” he added. 


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